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Missouri to Legalize Sports Betting; Other States to Follow Suit

Missouri State Rep. Wes Rogers, a democrat from Kansas City, has said that sports gambling is a straight forward task where casinos build the books, and gamblers bet. This generates tax revenue and thus the money reaches the white market which is already rampant on the black market. So they are supporting various bills that will legalize sports betting.

The illegal betting that takes place in Super Bowl will be the last this year. There is bipartisan support for several bills that will legalize betting in Missouri where it is illegal to place a wager on the big game, daddy of all The Super Bowl. A few years ago, the lawmakers of the US had passed the law that the ruled states could open up their own sports books. States like Iowa and Indiana already practice legalized betting and have been using free bets and bonuses to attract people.

The good sports gambling bill will include both the brick and mortar sports books at the casinos and the mobile platform, Roger shares. It will also open up sports gambling in states that still do not have their casino of their own or the nearest casino is not accessible to many. After the law is cleared in Missouri, the Kansas will mostly follow the path next year.

There are critics who aren’t favoring the law. They don’t think this will slow down the momentum for legal sports betting in Missouri. But nevertheless they have asked the authorities to make a full proof law that will safeguard and has a program to keep gambling addiction in check. The critics understand that this law won’t stop and in fact newer states will be added to the list as the years go but they are only requesting the lawmakers to make sure people are taken care of and can get help when needed.


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